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Who is Curtis Villamizar

Curtis Villamizar is the principle and only employee of OCCNC. And since I'm writing this, I might as well use the first person.

I have been involved in real time systems, Unix and BSD internals, and Internet Engineering for over three decades with 20 plus years of that experience is with tier-1 ISP network architecture design and network operations, network protocol design and analysis, and software design and implementation for high end network equipment.

Networking Experience

For a short time after leaving Infinera I was doing some work for Infinera on a consulting basis. This included completing some IETF work which was partially funded by Infinera.

While at Infinera I was a Senior Member of Technical Staff, most of that time reporting to the CTO and later moving to the architecture group. I was a full time employess of Infinera from May 2007 to August 2011. This work involved interacting with customers prior to product inception, product requirements, system architecture, ASIC architecture, and software architecture for a new generation of product which was in its early stages when I left.

Prior to working at Infinera, I consulted for Infinera and for Avici Systems. Tasks were varied, ranging from internal technology briefs to detailed design.

Prior to forming OCCNC in 2006, I was a Principle Design Engineer at Avici Systems, Inc. and was the principle architect and designer of Avici's MPLS RSVP-TE implementation. Prior to that I was at UUNET in the Network Architecture Group and at ANS Communications. ANS Communications and UUNET were both purchased by Worldcom in the mid to late 1990s.

In the early 1990s ANS Communications was part of Advanced Network & Services. At that time I was one of very few people involved in both operations for a tier-1 network and router protocol software development for that same network simultaneously. At the time the Internet was still primarily a research network and ANS was responsible for the management of the NSFNET Backbone Network Service.

Other professional activities include participation in Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) activities and authored or coauthored a number of IETF RFCs. A summary of past IETF work is available. Numerous presentations were made at IETF meetings and at North American Network Operations Group (NANOG) meetings. I served on NANOG Program Committee from its formation in 1996 to 2005. Presentations were also made at Internet Statistics and Metrics Analysis Workshops (ISMA) , at Network and Distributed System Security Symposium Conference (NDSS) and at MPLS Conferences organized by Isocore.

Ancient History

Prior employment includes Nynex Science and Technology (1988-1992), Perkin-Elmer (1981-1998), Philips Electronic Instruments (1979-1981), and Nicolet Scientific (1978-1979). Nynex S&T was an RBOC research lab. Perkin-Elmer made scientific instruments for analytic chemistry. Philips made X-ray diffraction equipment and Nicolet made spectral analyzers. My work with Unix/BSD internals in real time systems began at Perkin-Elmer in late 1981.

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