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There are three past efforts in IETF described here. One is in the IETF Routing Working Group (RTGWG). The other two in the IETF Multiprotocol Label Switching Working Group (MPLS). These three activities have produced one RFC each. The remaining documents are no longer active.

  1. There are three Advanced Multipath documents. The first, the requirements document, was published as RFC 7226. The remaining two are Advanced Multipath documents are RTGWG WG documents but have both expired and are no longer active.

  2. The MPLS Multipath work was introduced to the MPLS WG in 2010. There are two multipath documents. One of them, "Use of Multipath with MPLS-TP and MPLS", was published as RFC 7190. The other is an individual submission which has expired and is now unlikely to be resurrected.

  3. The MPLS Forwarding work was introduced to the MPLS WG in October 2012, became an MPLS WG document in April 2013, and was published as RFC 7325 in August 2014.

This web page was updated on April 11, 2015 after the most recent RFC publication and again in January 2017 only to indicate that the remaining work was no longer active.

RTGWG: Advanced Multipath

The Advanced Multipath work reflects the requirement to deploy core network links in service provider networks with capacity far in excess of any existing lower layer technologies. This is accomplished using parallel links or using parallel server LSP and by exploiting this aggregate capacity at higher layers. Techniques used for over a decade are documented. Both long standing and more recent service provider requirements are documented in the requirements document and are accommodated in the framework document.

There are three documents in the IETF RTGWG related to Advanced Multipath. One is an RFC. The other two are WG items.

The Advanced Multipath Use Cases and Design Considerations and Advanced Multipath Framework in MPLS had expired prior to IETF 90 in Toronto. The work stalled with a change in AD and WG chairs and was not resurrected later due to most co-authors having changed employment for other reasons.

MPLS: MPLS Multipath

The MPLS multipath work is aimed at allowing MPLS and MPLS-TP to be carried efficiently within the same network. There are two documents.

MPLS: MPLS Forwarding

MPLS Forwarding Compliance and Performance Requirements is summarized in the abstract.

This document provides guidelines for implementers regarding MPLS forwarding and a basis for evaluations of forwarding implementations. Guidelines cover many aspects of MPLS forwarding. Topics are highlighted where implementers might otherwise overlook practical requirements which are unstated or under emphasized or are optional for conformance to RFCs but are often considered mandatory by providers.

The MPLS Forwarding document became an MPLS WG document in April 2013. WGLC began in November 2013. Revisions were made as a result of WGLC comments and a new version was submitted in December 2013. IETF LC was completed in February 2014. This document was added to the RFC Editor's queue in March 2014. Due to a normative reference to http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-mpls-psc-updates-01 this document was held in the REF state for approximately five months.

This document was published as RFC 7325 in August 2014. While there has been some discussion of followup work in the Benchmark Methodology Working Group (BMWG), and discussion of followup work in the Pseudowire Emulation Edge-to-Edge Working Group (PWE3), no followup work is yet planned.

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